Saturday, July 14, 2012

2012 Audi A5 - last updates and Render!

So, just another string of pictures!  There were 6 more updates since my last post, but they were mostly centered around tweaking and texturing.

WIP 18 - Still experimenting with materials
WIP 19 - Tweaking the model slightly
WIP 20 - More model tweaks, this time on the headlights, adding
detail on the lights themselves.
WIP 21 - More tweaking of materials.  Everything is starting to come together :)
WIP 22 - Textured calipers.
WIP 23 - The scene's coming together!
And now the final render!
The final shot was rendered on my Intel i5-2320 at 1250 samples.  Took 3 hours to churn out this 1080p image.  I'm still working on a few other shots, so I'll put those up once they're all ready and whatnot.

I think I can now say with certainty that this is my most complex project ever.  The vertex count is above 3 million at render time... anyway, now on to other projects!  I'll have a special post over the weekend about new developments, so stay tuned!

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