Monday, August 30, 2010

Looking back...

Wow...  I was looking over my Flickr Photostream just now and I got a bit of a Flashback moment - it felt weird.  Really weird.  Seriously.

This was the trigger-picture:

When I saw this picture, it was like my brain had pressed the "Play" button on a memory tape somewhere in my head and I remembered all the steps involved in the project - extruding out the gum tray, creating every single face on the bottom of the tray by hand because I didn't know how to do it properly back then, figuring out how to do Transparency, sketching out the letters with a multi-subdivided Plane and then repositioning the vertices to match the shape with absolutely no regard to proper topology, and the rendering :D  I also remembered how proud I was to have achieved this - it was my first project outside of the tutorials (the reason I chose an Excel gum pack is because I had one lying on my desk at the time, I can still remember it, it had a tear on the side and was pretty banged up, I had carried it around in my pocket for a while).

It's weird, isn't it?  And to think that exactly two years later, I'd have my most complex project yet underway, with only one piece of the not-yet-final mesh probably over 100 times more complex than this simple gum pack :D

Well, while I'm talking about this kind of stuff, I'm going to send out a message to all of the new Blender-heads out there :  May the Blend be with you!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Skyward Sword Celebration Project - WIP 02

(btw, the post is longer than this.  Click the "Read More" button more :D)

Hmm, I've posted pictures about this on DeviantART more often than I post about it here...weird.

Anyway, I've made a lot of progress since the first post, considering it was at the beginning of July.  Lots of W.I.P pictures too, as you can see:

SkywardSword celebration WIP 3 by ~MeshWeaver on deviantART

July 25th

Monday, August 16, 2010

New Tutorial - "16 Awesome Modelling Tools"

Hey Followers and whoever-might-be-reading-this :D

So I have a new tutorial online, covering 16 modelling tools I use the most often when working.  Each tool/function has its own intro and they're separated into individual parts...though not with the “P” shortcut.  It’s my best tutorial so far, if I say so myself :D

Also, as with all my other tutorials, it’s in full 1280x720 HD – ok, little disclaimer, the Vimeo version is slightly crappy for a few seconds right at the beginning (due to the *.wmv-to-*.mp4 conversion to bring down the file size), but it quickly settles into nice, high-definition images.

16 Awesome Modelling Tools - HD from MeshWeaver on Vimeo.

By the way, the YouTube link also includes the Playlist.

This is more of a beginner tutorial, btw.  I plan on maybe making more, like a mini featuring the Snapping tool, or various Modifers.