Thursday, June 7, 2012

2012 Audi A5 Coupe - Update #2! (lots of pics!)

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Well, to put it simply...I was being lazy - posting on a blog is a bit more time-consuming than uploading on DeviantART, you know?
Anyway, last time I ended with WIP snapshot #04, which was a turntable render of the bodywork at it's then-current level of progress.  But...since then there have been thirteen new updates.  I'm that lazy, yes.

Anyway, I'll just post all thirteen images in one shot, and then do a a quick commentary in the image caption.

WIP 05 - quick render of the body
WIP 06 - a rim in progress
WIP 07 - quick render of the wheels
WIP 08 - Progress overview
WIP 09 - Slow progress headlights
WIP 10 - More progress on the headlights, plus some
quick materials for the front grille
WIP 11 - More quick materials, completed headlights, as well as
testing out my new GeForce GTX560 Ti
WIP 12 - More detailing, including wing-mirrors and door
handle, plus tweaks here and there.
WIP 13 - Slowly pulling together the tail-lights.  Planning the shape
beforehand really helps.
WIP 14 - Minor update (mesh detailing on bottom headlight)
WIP 15 - Another quick overview
WIP 16 - All-new models for the brake system, now with more detail.
WIP 17 - Taking a stab at some good materials.  Still a bit of
tweaking left, but I needed a break ;)
Anyway, that's what progress I've done so far.  I've also started working on some textures for the insides of the lights, which are working out fairly well, surprisingly enough.
I've also successfully added in the petrol-tank cap on the other side of the vehicle - it's on the right side on most European cars, whereas it's on the left here in North America.

I'm still working with Blender 2.62, even though both 2.63 and 2.63a (an update release for 2.63) have been out for about a month.  I'm rather wary of the new Ngon-supporting BMesh system - if you don't know what I'm talking about, Ngons are polygons (shapes) with more than 4 sides, like pentagons and octagons.  Quad-only topology (where the surface is only made of 4-sided shapes) is still essential, of course, but it apparently helps with pre-visualization and architectural modeling... I should give it a shot sometime.

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