Thursday, December 30, 2010

NES Console Project - WIP 09

Get ready for some huge updates!

So, first off, a few weeks back I did a little test to see what the final scene would look like.  It isn't rendered or anything, just a screenshot of the 3D Viewport, but still, it gave me an idea of what I was actually going for.

...a lot of Path modifying (for the cables) will be waiting for me...
And then, over the last week or so (not counting the time I spent fighting with my laptop to get it working properly again) I finally started texturing some of the objects!

I actually had to completely rebuild the UV map for this, as the proportions were completely off O_o  I have absolutely no idea how that happened...anyway, moving on:

Monday, December 27, 2010

Computer Troubles...

Long story short, had to reformat the disk and re-reinstall Windows after reinstalling it and trying to add Linux Mint to my system.  Worked really great until Vista told me I was at the maximum number of partitions...and I want to completely reorganize, so I need disk partitions.

Everything's working great so far though, I've reinstalled roughly 75% of my programs (they're mostly open-source so it's easy enough) and started reorganizing. going to burn some stuff to DVDs as well to clean up some stuff I haven't used in years, haha

Will hopefully be able to finish cleaning up and reorganizing today, so I'll maybe work a bit on my NES project :D

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Skyward Sword Celebration Project - WIP 08

Don't worry, I haven't abandoned my blog, I'm still here, just much busier. ;)

So, over the weekend I finally made some real progress on the project, especially on Sunday - I listened to Sonic the Hedgehog music the entire time I was modelling, so that probably helped - you know, he'  Really fast.  "Faster than the speed of sound!"

Anyway, enough about Sonic and other random stuff, time for some WIP pictures!

A snapshot of the input panel on the back of the television.