Sunday, January 20, 2013

Software Spotlight - Audacity

And we're back with the second entry in my planned series, the Software Spotlight!  Today I'll be talking more-or-less briefly about a program I've used a lot - open-source audio editor Audacity!  And it works on all three major operating systems (Windows, MacOS and Linux) so that's a plus.

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I'll start off by saying I am far from being an expert on sound engineering and editing.  As always, I'm just trying things out and figuring it out as I go - I've been doing this for years with various software, even back when the most complex image and sound manipulation programs I used were Microsoft Paint and Sound Recorder (hey, I had to start somewhere)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Anime verdict - Fractale

I had originally written a small Journal post on this series on DeviantART, roughly half an hour after finishing the thirteenth episode, but there was something about the post and my wording that I didn't like and couldn't manage to fix, so I tossed it into the digital trash bin.  Here I am, giving it another shot, but this has also given me time to think back on the series and have a more objective viewpoint.  I tend to be in "fanboy" mode when I finish any series, and the whole "OMG that was awesome" factor tends to show a lot ;)

Ultimately, I am disappointed by Fractale.  It was a series I was very much looking forward to watching, after seeing the English trailer for it on the Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike DVD (which, while I'm on the subject, I quite like).

Basically, I find the trailer better than the series.  This is actually the first anime I've watched that hasn't made it onto the Re-watch list.  Every other series has been a favourite, from Haruhi to Shana to Steins;Gate and back.

The trailer made me think the series was a combination of elements from one of Isaac Asimov's visions