Friday, February 17, 2012

2011 Golf GTI - Final Renders!

It's finally done!

Well, this angle was rendered in Blender's new render engine, Cycles, at 1000 samples - took just over five hours to finish.  I did have to erase a few "fireflies" (high-contrast pixels that appear with certain materials - hey, the engine's still in development, it happens) but other than that this is 100% Cycles :D

This one was rendered at 250 samples in roughly 45-50 minutes:

I'd also like to send out some thank-yous to everyone here who faved and commented on the WIP snapshots, as well as to DDD and TyrantMonkey over on :D

...and now onto my next car model!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Latest Golf GTI updates

Getting really close to the final render! (*finally*)  Check out these latest updates, they're awesome:

Reworked and tweaked topology - big thanks to TyrantMonkey and DDD over on for all their help with this stuff!

Within an hour of this snapshot, I'd done a complete overhaul ofthat section, so this is no longer accurate.

And, last but not least, a quick-and-crappy render of the car as a whole! :D

Like I said, quick-and-crappy.

Anyway, there's just a few finishing touches to add to this model, so afterwards I'll be moving on to developing the materials necessary in Cycles and then the final render, plus a bit of compositing (hopefully Blender 2.62 will be out by then, could use the upcoming Render Layers in this project)

I'll also be recording another video tour a bit later on, so stay tuned!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

2011 VW Golf GTI - Updates 16&17

New updates!  Reworked the door, plus a few more little things - mostly mesh tweaking and whatnot.
I'd been tweaking the mesh, trying to finish up the model, and I noticed that I'd overlooked the little inset on the bottom part of the door and area just in front of the back wing.  So after an hour or two of tweaking, more tweaking, remodeling and yet more tweaking, we have the results below:

Remodeling the door... that handle is a real pain in the neck, but it (thankfully) seems to be working okay.

New topology VS "Old" topology

That's it for now - I'm going to go clean up the mesh a bit more, there's a bit of potentially problematic topology above the tail-light, and I also have to figure out how I'm going to add in the petrol-tank's cover.

...and yeah, I'm saying petrol instead of gas or gasoline.  What can I say, I prefer the British terminology (we use British spelling in Canada anyway, so why not?)