Audi A5 Coupe '12

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WIP #01 - Outlining important topological features

WIP #02 - Some completed panels with slightly messy topology.

WIP #03 - A bit of cleaning up around the front panels, plus a bit of preliminary outlining at the back.

WIP #04 - A turntable clay render of a more complete set of panels.  (Watch in HD on Vimeo, or FullHD on YouTube!)

WIP 05 - quick render of the body
WIP 06 - a rim in progress
WIP 07 - quick render of the wheels
WIP 08 - Progress overview
WIP 09 - Slow progress headlights
WIP 10 - More progress on the headlights, plus some
quick materials for the front grille
WIP 11 - More quick materials, completed headlights, as well as
testing out my new GeForce GTX560 Ti
WIP 12 - More detailing, including wing-mirrors and door
handle, plus tweaks here and there.
WIP 13 - Slowly pulling together the tail-lights.  Planning the shape
beforehand really helps.
WIP 14 - Minor update (mesh detailing on bottom headlight)
WIP 15 - Another quick overview
WIP 16 - All-new models for the brake system, now with more detail.
WIP 17 - Taking a stab at some good materials.  Still a bit of
tweaking left, but I needed a break ;)

WIP 18 - Still experimenting with materials
WIP 19 - Tweaking the model slightly
WIP 20 - More model tweaks, this time on the headlights, adding
detail on the lights themselves.
WIP 21 - More tweaking of materials.  Everything is starting to come together :)
WIP 22 - Textured calipers.
WIP 23 - The scene's coming together!
And now the final render!

Shot #2

Shot #3

Shot #4


2012 - MeshWeaver

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