Useful Links  -  The official website of the Blender Foundation.  -  Fresh Blender News, Every Day.  -  Project Durian, the Blender Foundation's third Open-Movie project.  -  Project Mango, the Blender Foundation's fourth Open-Movie project, focusing on visual effects and compositing tools.  -  The forums, where Blenderheads can talk, participate in group projects, and get feedback from other Blenderheads.  -  Tonnes of different Blender builds in development, every day.  Build-types range from Official releases, In-Development "Trunk" builds, Google Summer of Code, Experimental, and Optimized builds.  The site now includes builds for GIMP, Inkscape and other open-source software.  -  Run by professional Blenderheads such as Wes Burke and Jonathan Williamson, this site has tutorials covering almost every aspect of Blender.  -  Similar to CGCookie, but Andrew Price specializes in special effects, rendering and simulations.  -  A recent addition to my repertoire.  A great place to find tonnes of reference images for almost all car makes and quite a few models.  -  The largest, most well-known repository for Blender models.  Requires an account in order to download blend files; most files are also under Creative Commons licensing.

Fellow Blenderheads (more to follow)  -  Also known as DDD on BlenderArtists.