Friday, July 23, 2010

Blender 2.5 Beta 3 vs 2.52svn30180

Hey Blenderheads!

So I just tested the render speed of Blender 2.5 Beta3, which is the new Official Blender Foundation release. I'd read some comments about it being slower than builds off, so I decided to test it out. I used Beta 3 (obviously) and 2.52svn30180. Both are 32bit, since I'm running 32bit Windows Vista.

I used the default scene, no modifications to the lighting or render size, etc., and used NRK's Cloud Generator on the default cube as my test model.

It gave out the exact same render, with almost identical render times:

Render Times:

Blender 2.52 svn30180 – 36.41s
Blender 2.53 (aka Beta 3) – 36.38s

pretty similar, though Beta 3 wins by 0.03s ;)

then, since the render times were so similar, i decided to re-test, but with a more complex scene. In this case I used my Frublaz Scene, which has 216,362 vertices when rendered.

Render Times:

Blender 2.52 svn30180 – 7m 58.60s
Blender 2.53 (aka Beta 3) – 6m 47.96s

so Beta 3 wins by a long shot...or a hookshot, one of the two ;) i mean, 1min faster is quite a lot

well, that's it...i'm off to test some more new features :D

see ya!

Friday, July 16, 2010

SVN 30379


I was just on, downloading a newer version of 2.5...trying to keep up-to-date, of course.  I found one of loopDuplicate's Trunk builds (trunk = plain ol' Blender, no experimental features or anything - just read that on the page for the svn version), and I can't believe they're already on svn 30379!  I mean, when I started using them, it was before 26162, and now we're 4000 SVNs later!

...well, that's it.  just wanted to comment on that.

GraphicAll =

Friday, July 9, 2010

Skyward Sword Celebration Project - WIP 01

Hey Blenderheads, and non-Blenderheads :)

So I've started working on this project again.  I'd started it a while back (shortly after E3), but hadn't worked on it in a while.  I've made a lot of progress today though :

SkywardSword celebration WIP 1 by ~MeshWeaver on deviantART

then, the mesh for the...thing, is almost finished:

SkywardSword celebration WIP 2 by ~MeshWeaver on deviantART  :)

edit - now the "thing" is finished, btw.  had a few problems, such as the cord entrance, and then some joining issues (one of the pieces merged with another, and it wasn't supposed to, so that caused some pretty serious normals problems)...but all in all, i think it's done.  was fun :)  now I just have to make the rest of the darn's fairly complex