Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hatsune Miku Portrait - A Timelapse

Seems I completely forgot to post the timelapse video here on my blog.  I've been rather quiet here lately, I know - no inspiration at the moment, though I have been picking at a new, relatively serious post concerning motivation and self-criticism.  I'm hoping I can bring up its quality a notch or two before I post it, however, so that might still be a bit far off.

Anyway, before I babble on for too long about blogpost Drafts (I currently have two), I'll cut to the chase.  These two videos are the progress timelapses for my first-ever fan-art. I posted about this image back in May, after I first completed it, and subsequently forgot to update my blog.  Cue the facepalm.

Hatsune Miku Portrait - Progress Timelapse (Part 1)

Hatsune Miku Portrait - Progress Timelapse (Part 2)

Both videos can be watched in 1080p HD on YouTube!

The music tracks used in the videos are all licensed under Creative Commons with Attribution.  I listed the songs and their respective remixers/composers in the video descriptions. All the songs are from - I'll definitely be browsing through there again, they have some really cool tunes that I think would work well in both timelapses and maybe a possible Minecraft Let's Play series I've been working on.

I also have another fan-art in the pipeline - I've been calling it Miku 2.0. This time I'm going for a "full shot" instead of just a bust/portrait, and I plan on using Krita for the final lineart and colours. I've been working on finalizing the sketch in MyPaint, and I think I've made some good progress so far.  I haven't recorded any footage of the process yet, but I plan on screencasting the final process in Krita. Not sure how it'll turn out yet, but I'm optimistic.

As a quick note to any fellow Vocaloid fans and PlayStation 3 users, SEGA has released a Demo version of the latest Vocaloid rhythm game, Project Diva F, on the PlayStation Network.  As far as I know it's slated for release some time around the end of summer, so until then the Demo will have to do ;)

That's it from me for now - thanks for stopping by!