Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Updated Gallery + new Audi improvements

So I've finally done a bit of cleaning up in the Gallery page, as well as a general clean-up throughout both my blog and my DeviantART gallery.  I'm trying to better showcase my best renders and projects, so as they tended to get lost among the test renders and lower-quality renders, I've removed quite a few images from both galleries.
For DeviantART, I've simply moved all the unwanted images into storage.  I'll deal with deleting them eventually, I just don't have the time at the moment.
Also concerning the new Gallery page, I've added five other shots of the Audi A5 to the list (I'll be adding them to the Audi's project page in a moment), so click the tab up top to check 'em out!

On another note, I've spent the better part of the last two weeks going over my Audi A5 Coupe model (my most recent project) and cleaning everything up.  I've posted a Focused Critique thread over on BlenderArtists.org in order to improve on the modeling and level of detail.  I tend to get lost in the size of the project and end up overlooking certain details.
Anyway, I've gotten several great pointers from fellow blender-heads (including a few Audi drivers) so over the last two days I've been remodeling an entire section of the Coupe.  I'm still not done with it yet, everything's still a work-in-progress:

So first, an initial re-render of the scene.  I had tweaked the Shaders in the Cycles engine, fixed a few topological issues around the back panel and other small tweaks.

Then after a more in-depth set of pointers from fellow blender-head chop_suey I started remodeling the front bumper from scratch.  You can see here the very first steps - outlining the more important topological features.

After a couple of hours of mostly-improvised modeling I'd almost finished the top half.  This one is roughly twice as dense as the original mesh.

After a few more hours (with a bit of Skype, iTunes and Star Wars Battlefront 2 mixed in from time to time) I'd mostly finished the whole front bumper.  Yes I know, it's only half a bumper right now, but I only need half anyway.
However, this presents a problem.  The bumper's shape is now more physically accurate than it was, which now means that the front wing needs remodeling.  This will probably be tomorrow night's project :)

That's it from me for now!

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