Wednesday, April 18, 2012

All the geeky, geeky things...

So, I haz moar updatez for youz :D

First off, the Audi A5 Coupe.  To be perfectly honest, I haven't worked on it since I rendered that last WIP update, the model turntable.  I've been much busier with setting up Linux Mint (more on that later) and a bunch of other things like Minecraft, Star Wars Battlefront II, and Gran Turismo 5 :P  I'm planning on getting back to it this week, so keep an eye out (...gross) for those updates :D

So...From Freedom came Elegance, and from Linux Mint 12 came headaches and over six re-installations.  To be fair though, I love the interface and how the menus and so on work in Mint 12, and oddly enough it feels a bit more professional than Windows 7.  Maybe it's the absence of a few graphical flourishes Win7 uses, or maybe it's just that I'm expecting a Linux distro (aka distribution package/version) to be more professional since it's what they use over at the Blender Foundation in Amsterdam.  Who knows?
Anyway, about those multiple installations... they're all due to FAILs on my part.  Half of those fails were due to my crappy disk-partition management - deleting partitions that had the GRUB loader (what asks you which OS you want to use when you start up your computer) and therefore, I got GRUB errors that I couldn't fix by any method except re-installing everything.  So yesterday I finally got all my disk-partitions setup properly and Linux Mint 12 installed, updates installed and Nvidia GeForce GT520 drivers also installed - which means I also have my two screens setup awesomely.  I'll post a picture of my setup sometime :)
I'm still in the process of installing my essential programs, but hopefully I'll soon be regularly switching between Mint 12 and Win7 to do all my work :D

Yumm, minty chrome...

Two gaming-related updates too!  Yesterday I finally got my hands on...
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves! :D  I've played through five chapters so far (I just finished up "Urban Warfare" - Chloe Frazer blew up a truck with a grenade launcher) and the gameplay and graphics are even better than Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, which had some of the best game graphics I'd ever seen along with Gran Turismo 5.  For a 3D/CG geek, it's pretty awe-inspiring because I know a bit about what goes into creating a game like that and how CPU/GPU intense texture loading, physics and high-polygon environments can be.  If you'll pardon my language, the PS3 is one *hell* of a machine, that's for sure :D
...also, I never thought I'd be going out and buying a game like Uncharted.  I usually stuck to platformers and Adventure-RPGs like Mario & Zelda...mostly Nintendo series, actually - I have a couple of Star Fox games, Luigi's Mansion (great game), Paper Mario, Sonic, Zelda, Super Mario Galaxy, that kind of stuff.  I only got Drake's Fortune 'cause it came with my 80GB PS3 when I bought it on eBay, haha

I'm also thinking of starting a "Weekly Car Sightings" post-series... here in the Montreal area (where I'm from) there's quite a few awesome cars going around - Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Maseratis, Porsches, Audis, Jaaags, BMWs, etc., so I thought I'd start taking notes of which ones I see during the day and pull together photos from across the 'net (probably official ones from the company websites).
Today, for instance, I saw an unknown Maserati (went by too fast); a Jaguar X-Type; another Jaaag, this time a XF-R (great-looking Jaaag, that one - not so fond of the standard X-Type); a Ferrari 458 (not the Italia model); a Porsche Cayman S; and a Hyundai Tiburon.  There's also a Chevy Camaro SS in the parking lot of a hardware store near where I work pretty much every day (and sometimes a Lamborghini Gallardo, though that's mostly during the summer).  It's awesome, I can definitely tell you that.

...oh, and there's sometimes awesome cars like this going 'round.  They're some of my favourites :D  You just can't beat the 50s designs - it was the space-race, so there's a lot of chrome, sci-fi-ey wings at the back (or at least, what was considered sci-fi-ey at the time), awesome headlights and taillights, great designs...

...I'm such a geek aren't I? :D

P.S.  Yes, that is a Doctor Who reference in the title ;)

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