Friday, August 27, 2010

Skyward Sword Celebration Project - WIP 02

(btw, the post is longer than this.  Click the "Read More" button more :D)

Hmm, I've posted pictures about this on DeviantART more often than I post about it here...weird.

Anyway, I've made a lot of progress since the first post, considering it was at the beginning of July.  Lots of W.I.P pictures too, as you can see:

SkywardSword celebration WIP 3 by ~MeshWeaver on deviantART

July 25th

Zelda SS celebration WIP 4.1 by ~MeshWeaver on deviantART

July 29th

Zelda SS celebration WIP 4.2 by ~MeshWeaver on deviantART

July 29th again

and my latest upload:

SkywardSword celebration WIP 5 by ~MeshWeaver on deviantART
August 26th

You can really see an evolution of the mesh, starting with the outlined plaques, holes for the screws and various other pieces, and then I filled them in, and basically the actual NES console is pretty much finished, though it's still missing the Subsurf modifier, which will really bring up the vertex count.

I just finished this part of the controller's cable socket, though those square holes aren't in :

Shoot, I guess I have to add them now :(  ;)

Now all I have to do is fix the socket, add the screw holes to the controller (which I accidentally forgot to do), make all the cables, add the Subsurf to everything, create Materials and image textures, take my old TV mesh (which is on my Flickr Photostream, if you're curious - see Flickr box in the sidebar -->) and kick it up a notch or three to bring it up to my current skill level, figure out how to do glow with Nodes, and set up the scene :D  at least most of the modelling is done...  Modelling this project is great fun, I'm really enjoying figuring out how to shape the stuff :D


  1. Wow! Those are amazing! But, I have a question. In 2.49b, under the 'File' menu, it gave you the option of saving your rendered image onto your computer. Can you do that in 2.5? And, if so, how?


  2. Great job! Sorry I haven't been commenting on any of your posts; I've been meaning to, 'cause a lot of the stuff is really good! For some reason Google Chrome wouldn't let me; I don't know why. But I can now, so here it is. :)

  3. thanks a lot Ben! :D I actually finished a few of the cables since this, but I'm having a lot of trouble with the actual console, I have to totally rework some sections (the screw holes, they're a big pain)

    yeah, Google Chrome can act weird sometimes (and here I was, hoping it was the perfect browser ;) lol)