Monday, August 16, 2010

New Tutorial - "16 Awesome Modelling Tools"

Hey Followers and whoever-might-be-reading-this :D

So I have a new tutorial online, covering 16 modelling tools I use the most often when working.  Each tool/function has its own intro and they're separated into individual parts...though not with the “P” shortcut.  It’s my best tutorial so far, if I say so myself :D

Also, as with all my other tutorials, it’s in full 1280x720 HD – ok, little disclaimer, the Vimeo version is slightly crappy for a few seconds right at the beginning (due to the *.wmv-to-*.mp4 conversion to bring down the file size), but it quickly settles into nice, high-definition images.

16 Awesome Modelling Tools - HD from MeshWeaver on Vimeo.

By the way, the YouTube link also includes the Playlist.

This is more of a beginner tutorial, btw.  I plan on maybe making more, like a mini featuring the Snapping tool, or various Modifers.



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