Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nintendo Entertainment System - FINAL RENDER!

After working off-and-on for over a year, I've finally finished my NES model! This was created using only open-source software (Blender 2.5 series and GIMP) and is the single most complex project I've ever undertaken. :D

A few statistics :
- Number of vertices at final calculation (for rendering) : just over [B]1.5 MILLION[/B].
- More than half the textures used were created from scratch.
- Started in June 2010 to celebrate the announcement of "The Legend of Zelda - Skyward Sword".
- A real NES was used for direct measurements. This is my most physically-accurate model yet.
-  Oh, and this is entirely, [B]100% Blender Internal Render Engine[/B].  No external engines whatsoever.

The NES console is of course the property of Nintendo - this is a tribute by a fan to what is probably the greatest gaming console ever created :D mind is actually having trouble adjusting to the fact that I really am done O_o


  1. Absolutely incredible! But I am not surprised by your talent and dedication =)

  2. Awesome shading and detail, man. Maybe you should teach me how to make one of these someday!...

    ...Just joking. I know it takes a heck of a hard time (I know you spent nearly a year making it because of your constant updates).

    Keep up the awesome work, dude!