Monday, November 29, 2010

Skyward Sword Celebration Project - WIP 07

Just finished the head of the screw I'll be using everywhere on the console pieces!

On the left is my first try, with a structure similar to those of the 3D Magnemite; on the right is the final version, which is much nicer :D

Planning your topology ahead of time really helps.

Took about as long to make both, but I took a bit more time to think about the topology I needed before actually starting on the second cap, which really made a difference.  I usually do a 50/50 of topology planning and topology improvisation/tweaking.
That corner on the inside of the bit-head was kinda tough though - I ended up incorporating it's sharpening edge-loops into it's structure instead of them being easily removable and editable.

The final one (on the right) isn't 100% circular, but once I get to the actual thread-section I'll fix that up :D


  1. You'll probably be done with this before April 2010... Anyway, waaaaaaaaaay before Skyward Sword is out (which I think they'll delay to make more sales). Didn't I say this already? LOL I remember I did!

  2. Thank you, dude, for finally posting on your blog! (Not you, MeshWeaver.) BTW, Rune_of_Time,

    Thanks for letting me advertise my blog on yours, MW.

    P.S. I was thanking about writing a tutorial on making screws with the 'spin vertex' option, but I couldn't figger it out, let alone write a tutorial.

  3. Hey, I'm making an all-on-youtube nintendo emulator called SpeedNES. Since you did this on youtube can I use your nes model to create a nice logo for SpeedNES?