Thursday, November 18, 2010

Skyward Sword Celebration Project - WIP 05

some progress on the Television for the scene:

still the base mesh, but it's supposed to be a ~20 year-old 13" Emerson :)  it's picture quality is still super-good, thankfully.


  1. Pretty cool! But why do y'all use Blender in orthographic view? As a cartoonist, I think it jarrs the eye.

  2. well, it's much easier to model in Ortho-view than in Perspective, considering that the closer you get to the model, the more distorted the proportions are. of course, it's always good to sometimes just zoom out and have a look at the whole thing in Perspective View, just to see what it looks like :) really depends on what you're doing, I guess. for modelling, though, Orthographic is usually the best :)