Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Hey Blenderheads,

I needed a small break form the Golf GTI and a couple of other on-going projects, so I thought I'd try my hand at creating a banner for BlenderNation :D

Was inspired by David Revoy's sketch of the Durian team  ( from back in 2009/2010 - more specifically Brecht van Lommel's portrait (he's the main coder for Blender nowadays, and he's dev-ed some pretty amazing stuff)

Made with Blender 2.61 - and NOT rendered with Cycles! =P

P.S.  Golf update hopefully coming in the next few days!

EDIT (26-01-2012) - So I got word from Bart, who runs BlenderNation, and unfortunately he couldn't accept the image as a banner, as it doesn't really showcase Blender's capabilities - Best of Blender, as he put it - and I totally understand and agree with him :)  He said he liked it, which is awesome (I kinda went "yay!" - I mean, he's one of the well-known Blenderheads out there), but he's right, it's a rather simple scene...nothing really impressive.  However, I learned a lot from the project, so it's still a winner for me...maybe next time ;)  Might even use this as a banner for here...hmmm
Anyway, it's in my Render Gallery page - I updated it last night, go check it out!

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